Business Partnerships

Call of the Moose and Les Kouba Outdoors partnership will deliver high visibility and provide excellent exposure by aligning your brand with a movement in which all conservationists can unite. A business partnership allows your brand to have maximum exposure as well as inclusion in promotional and marketing material. It is our focus to collaborate on ideas that will give your brand visibility in effective ways.

License Opportunities

When you become a Call of the Moose and Les Kouba Outdoors licensee you gain the value, passion, and positivity of the Call of the Moose campaign. We are focused on meaningful and long-lasting partnerships to impact wildlife conservation. Pairing your superior products with our unpublished imagery will allow us to build a successful campaign together.

Partnership Possibilities

Unique Les Kouba merchandise branded for exclusive promotions

Exclusive imagery opportunities to use at brand’s discretion.

Please contact us for sponsorship and licensing details.