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Les Kouba’s passion for the outdoors characterized his life and his artwork. Throughout his life, Les Kouba raised millions of dollars for many wildlife and conservation efforts. We have the same deep commitment to continue Les Kouba’s legacy of support to wildlife conservation and management. The legendary moose artwork of Minnesota’s and The World’s Master Wildlife Artist, will become the public face that will raise the awareness of all Minnesotans and nature enthusiasts to the plight of the Minnesota moose population and serve as the catalyst to unite them in raising funds for research and other necessary efforts to ensure a bright future for moose in Minnesota.

Les Kouba - MN Moose License Plate

Les Kouba – MN Moose License Plate


The Les Kouba Legacy Lives On

It is our mission to celebrate the outdoors through the real life art of Les Kouba while working to conserve the natural environment for future generations. We endeavor to support programs and partner with organizations committed to conservation and the outdoors.

Call of the Moose - Les Kouba Campaign with the MN DNRIn 2014, Les Kouba Outdoors and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) signed a multi-year first of its kind public/private agreement to benefit an important conservation issue that is plaguing an iconic animal: the moose. Moose populations have decreased 52% since 2010. In response, Les Kouba Outdoors and the DNR partnered together to educate the public on the plight of the moose and to raise funds for moose research and population management. In this partnership, the 2014 critical habitat license plate was created featuring a previously unpublished Les Kouba image of a bull moose. Proceeds from the sale of the license plate benefit critical habitat. Wanting to do more, Les Kouba Outdoors committed to donate a portion of the sales from merchandise and sponsorships to the DNR for the critical research needed to restore the population of the iconic Minnesota moose.

Les Kouba Outdoors aims to unite generations of wildlife lovers to the special heritage, value and iconic status of moose in Minnesota through the magnificence of Les Kouba art; continuing his devotion to conservation; his charitable legacy and our collective outdoor heritage. The Call of the Moose Minnesota campaign will become a catalyst partner, based on the lifetime achievements of Les Kouba, that creates new value, excites and delights all outdoor and nature enthusiasts through strategic partnerships and products that promote, enhance, epitomize and drive great outdoor lifestyle traditions and the legacy of moose in Minnesota.

Support Conservation with Kouba

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